Thursday, 12 November 2015

Interactive Book

My First Interactive Book

A few weekends ago, you can tell by the pumpkin, I got all of all my craft supplies and made my first interactive book. It's a community helpers book by Alison floors. She did a guest blog post on her favorite therapy materials a while back! 

I have been hearing all the hype about these interactive books and wanted to try one for myself. I looked around and found one that I really liked. Allison's Community Helpers Interactive book  has really cute graphics and has a lot of activities in it. It has a small fold-able reader & also has a following directions segment to use with the interactive book.

 **the interactive book, the PDF includes:
- 16 “who” cards
- 9 “what” cards
- 9 “when” cards
- 9 “why” cards
- “Where” mini-book with fill-in blanks
- Matching community helpers to their work location worksheet
- 18 “Who am I?” inference cards
- 1 reinforcer activity to use with flash cards
- 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step directions for student to follow using the interactive book
- Work on categorization skills by sorting people/vehicles/items into correct scenes

 Interactive Book: Community Helpers
 I am really looking forward to using this with some of my kids!!


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