Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dollar Store Idea!!

Dollar Store!

Are all of you out there trying to provide engaging, quality therapy on a budget? Me too!!

My first stop is the $$ store (my second is Walmart!). Recently I found a cute way to get my early language learners to talk using foam stickers.
These little guys are small so they love to have the control over the stickers and the freedom to make arts and crafts the way they choose so you can even use this activity as reinforcement. 

I found these farm themed stickers and use them to have the kids make a picture. While they are decorating, I talk about the animals, their attributes, and so on...
To get them talking I do a lot of leaving of the ends of there is no pressure on the little guys!
They are happy, I am happy and get them talking! It's a win win!!



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