Sunday, 18 October 2015

The What Box?

I made this box! It is a slow Sunday and I was feeling creative!!
All I used was an old tissue box, some  card-stock, scrap booking stickers and a glue gun!
I know its not that pretty but, hey, I try!! ha ha! 

What can you use the What Box for? 

There are so many uses for this box in speech therapy! 
Go to the dollar store or look around your therapy room and throw some small items in the box.
You can put small items (animals, vehicles, etc) and talk about their attributes.
Have the students explain what they look like, their color, size, shape, what category they belong to,  where you find them, what you use them for... So many ideas! 

For preschoolers- you can put soft items in it and also talk about prepositions- the monkey is on the box, in the box, behind the box....

You can also use it for "wh" questions... put your cards in and have your kiddos pull them out and answer them :)
Even pronouns, You can put people in the box and have the students pull them out and use a catch phrase "he is in the box,  he is out of the box, etc."
You can also target prepositions, and verb tenses.



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