Saturday, 24 October 2015

Favourite Speech Videos

Favorite Speech Videos for resources and therapy ideas!
For the next few weeks every Saturday I am going to post a favorite speech video for information and resources.
FV Part 1

Speedy Speech

Have you heard of Speedy Speech? It is a really neat program that I am thinking of trying out!
It helps you get many productions of articulation in a short amount of time.

Speedy Speech is a program that has everything you need to provide articulation therapy.
In the pack is a step by step guide of directions on how to carry out the program, as well as word lists and pictures for auditory bombardment, auditory discrimination, lists at the word, phrase and sentence level (with pictures) in the initial, medial and final positions. Included are also many useful reproducible sheets for keeping data, caseload summary, letters for parents and teachers, homework, and certificates.

Speedy Speech also has apps available!

It also includes help with some language goals. Here is a video targeting "wh" questions.


Speedy Speech - WH Questions from Speedy Speech on Vimeo.

Have any of you out there used Speedy Speech? What do you think? 



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