Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Little Finder

Disclaimer: these opinions expressed are  my own and I was not compensated in anyway.

Little finder is an app by alligator apps which helps children choose items after  hearing the name. It's a very customizable game and it also has a Zen mode so there is no timer. It's good for young kids who are learning to read. It's also a good app to teach vocabulary.

 You get out 1 to 2 players and it's free. It is a good app for auditory memory.
You can also have two players which would be cool in group settings. This also might be a really good reinforcement activity for children.
Alligator apps has some really cool apps that, although may not be appropriate for speech therap, would be really good for teachers, beginning readers, and kindergarten to grade 1(ish).
Another idea is to look at the pictures at the end of the game and talk about the attributes of each item, what category they belong to, and associations. Can you think of any ways that you could use this in speech therapy? 



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