Friday, 2 October 2015

Augmenter App Review

I was approached by the makers of this app to do an app review on my blog!!! So let me start off with gratitude!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the privilege of doing a review on your outstanding app!
To explain the app let me use their words:
This is a magical augmented reality app created for teachers to help bring science teaching alive. The augmented reality app includes 300+ Models for all grades. This app has been specially created to make science fun, game like and stress free. The 3d augmented reality models help students understand concepts easily. The magical 3D augmented reality format holds the interest of the students through stunning visualization and aids understanding in ways not possible before.
Some of the awesome features in the app include:
Augmented Reality View
Stereoscopic 3D View
Interactive 3D View

Some of the 3d models included in the app are:
Human anatomy
Skeleton system
Digestive system
respiratory system
excretory system
animal cell
plant cell
Arrangement and types of teeth, etc...

 There are animals which I find particularly helpful for vocabulary!

Animals include animated dinosaur, animated tiger, elephant, giraffe, fish, deer, stag, rhino, hippo, duck, dolphin, beetle, penguin, rat, scorpion, tortoise etc.

Fruits like Apple, orange, Mango,pomegranate, banana, guava, pear, pineapple etc.

Cool interactions available in the App are:
Titles for each part
Take apart individual parts
Hide parts
Highlight parts
Set transparency
Break up the whole model
Analyze parts
Take a screenshot of the model
Pen tool for drawing.

You will love it! 

Download it here!

OK, now the APP review!!
  • I am in awe of what technology can do- remember dicing the work or maybe even a frog in Bio? I do! This takes all the goriness out of that and keeps it clean for your students! Plus it gives you access to soo many things from flowers, animals, human body, and even more!!!

  • I love the pictures/videos on this app. It give you information about the items that would be great for older kids who are working on higher level vocabulary. 
  • I love the videos that show you how to use it!
  • I love that you can take these items apart, tile them and have them labeled for you!
  • I like that you are able to see 3D representations of things you would otherwise not have any access too!
  • I think this would be awesome for any science class or any students who are looking to increase their higher level vocabulary and general knowledge... :) 

  • I do like this app but I mostly work with preschool and school-aged children so I feel like some of the items in the gallery are way "above" their vocabulary level.
  • Also, although only 1 time, I did have a glitch where the app just shut down and wouldn't open the image from their gallery.  As time goes by the Developer usually works out the glitches!

Try this app out and let me know what  you think! Comment below!


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