Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Alphabet Learning Locks

Alphabet Learning Locks
Alphabet learning locks from Lakeshore Learning!!

I recently purchased a bunch of games from LL and it's like Christmas!!!!!

Alphabet learning locks is a fun game for pre-K and kindergarten aged kids to learn beginning sounds and letter sound correspondence.
The keys have the letter (lower case) printed on them and then the locks have  letter on it and on the  other side is a picture that begins with that letter or sound sound.

Game play: 
The kids choose the lock, I like to keep the locks  picture up so that they can't figure out the answer. Then I have the students tell me the beginning sound of the word that they chose: for example pig then they tell me they hear the /p/ sound & that they need the key with the "p" on it. 

It's a really fun and cute wait for kids to learn phonological awareness- you know how much I love phono!!!
Using the locks, you can also segment the words, talk about ending sounds, talk about other words that start with that sound and even rhyme with them. There are a lot of ideas that you can use  with this game.
 Just don't lose any keys or locks.



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