Thursday, 17 September 2015

Kindergarten Screening & Assessment

Well September is here (and half way finished!!) and we are all getting ready for our caseload by screening, and assessing the kiddo's!

I bought this K screen and assessment by Nicole Allison. I wanted to give a little feedback on it! FYI- I didn't use the assessment (I'm not an SLP but I do A LOT of screenings!) :)

First of all... WOW! She did  a lot of work and made it look lovely! So clear, simple and easy on the eyes! Nice fonts and picture!
This kit is also very comprehensive- it targets comprehension, phonological awareness, vocabulary, grammar and articulation!

 The downside to that is the assessment takes a long time- especially if you have a lot to do! In my neck of the woods, we have a high number of children who have severe language delays so the screening & assessing time takes at the very least, the whole month of September. What do you do in your area? I am open to new ideas!

My favorite thing about this pack is the Kindergarten student list! This sheet is super easy to look back on and see which kids need help with each area.
Thank you so much Nicole Allison from Speechpeeps!


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