Monday, 17 August 2015

What I loved about Therapalooza!

 A few days ago some SLP's joined up and held Back-To-School Therapalooza! I loved it! It is so full of useful ideas and resources for back to school!

I liked it and I wanted to post the points I really liked and found useful!!!

Carrie Clark- introduced me to some new tools like evernote! Awesome, thanks! For more of her ideas and videos here!

Jenn Alcorn- Thanks for the theme ideas and love your homework pack!

Lauren Lacour-  love the therapy session data tracking sheet!
Jenna Rayburn- so many therapy freebies! Thank you!

Luke- Love your word lists and the Speech Progress Tracker- so useful! Love it!

Click on their names for their websites!

I love home speech home articulation chart!


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