Thursday, 6 August 2015

People first language, Labels & Kindness!

I often hear people say the autistic child or a Down's baby and it is like nails on a chalkboard for me!!

So please be patient as I take a minute to educate!

People first language is the "correct" (& kind) way to refer to people with disabilities (see what I did there? I focused on the person first and the disability second) instead of saying autistic child try saying child with autism... Or just say child and do away with all of the label!!

I thought this was a great bit of information to put out to the "speech world" since typically, some of your students can have different diagnoses and disabilities. Something to keep in mind with the upcoming caseload and upcoming school year.

 Another tidbit of info there is a difference between a disability and handicap. Disability is autism & a handicap is whatever the disability prevents you from being able to do. For example if you use a wheelchair your disability might be cerebral palsy or being a paraplegic and the handicap are stairs or any other places that aren't wheelchair friendly.

For some Down Syndrome tidbits click here!! Thanks to Down Syndrome International!

😊 Thanks for listening!

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