Monday, 6 July 2015

Speech at the ......Zoo

Hey Everyone!

During the summer many kids do not attend speech therapy (usually because they receive it at school) and I thought what can I do to help? So, this summer every Monday I will be posting ideas of how you can enhance your child's speech and language skills at different spots that people frequent during the summer. I will be posting on the zoo, carnival, parade, camping, and much more!

Today is my second post
The Zoo!
Trick 1- Sequencing the Animals!When you are looking at a map or making a plan for your day talk about which animals you will see  and use words like first, next, last, second, third, etc.

Trick 2- Labeling the attributes of the Animals! Talk about the animals, and thier attributes like a giraffe has fur, 4 legs and a long neck, etc.

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Trick 3- Talk about how the animals are the same and different. For example the a bear and polar bear are both bears but a polar bear is white and lives in the arctic, etc.

Trick 4-Talk about the rhyming animals-  You can rhyme with real or nonsense words. Tiger, liger, miger, etc. 

For more ideas check out my pinterest board- Useful SLP Resources!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
I would love to hear some of your ideas and any requests for places you would like me to post on!



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