Monday, 13 July 2015

Fun In The Sun Linky


Here is my blog post on Favorite Summer Time Therapy Games! 

1. Water Table and Sand Toys- you can use these to elicit language and summer time vocabulary.

2. Hot Potato Game- you can use this for artic. and have the child say a word with their target sound every time they pass the potato  or for vocabulary you can have the child name an item from a group.
3. Carson Adventure Pak- This is great is you can go outside! You can use this to find and identify bugs, leaves and other fun things outside!

4. Learning Resources Camp out and Tent- And if you can't go outside bring the outside in! (hopefully  you have a lot of room!) Have a pretend camp out to talk about vocabulary related to camping or you can say a verb and then have the child act it out. Another idea is look on TPT there are many camping related items you can purchase to target many different language goals.

5. Jumbo Farm Animals And Barn (Tent)- Here is another great one for little guys. They love playing! You can use the animals (again) for vocab and then talk about the animals by labeling attributes and comparing and contrasting them. Basically anything you can think of! I know the kids will love this!!


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