Saturday, 16 May 2015


Many of kids that I work with have to target the vocabulary goal. I've noticed a lot of variation on how people work on this goal. 
The way I like to start working on vocab is to first start with associations. I show them three pictures and have them choose the two that go together and then explain to me why they go together. 
Most of the time they just tell me because they're the same so I really work on expanding the information and being more specific. 
Next I go on to what doesn't belong. I have many items from the group and then have them choose the item or items that don't belong and then get them to name the category.

After that I lay out a bunch of categories mats and have them place items from each category on the correct category. 
When this starts to get easier  I get them to start talking about the attributes of each item: like where you find them, the function, when you might use them, what they look like and their parts. 

Take a look at the package I use to target the Vocab goal!
Vocabulary- Associations, What Doesn't Belong, and Categorization 

How do you work on the Vocabulary goal?



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