Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thngs That Go Together- App Review

I love this app! This is the app I use to start off my vocabulary goal. It is an easy app for younger children to understand and work on associations. The first thing I love is the 
price- $1.19!! Cheap!!

It starts off with 2 pics and works up from there. It gives audio hints that labels items once you touch them. For me, I always turn this off just to make it a little more difficult and add another step for the children. I get them to label each item and then I get them to explain why the items go together. 

in their words... there is now a "Tile Magnet" option so you can now turn the automatic tile magnet ON or OFF. The tile magnet automatically snaps pieces in their place. This is great for toddlers with little fingers but now you can turn this off if you are ready to take your matching skills to the next level.

The app works up to 6 pictures...

and then 8.

You can choose which pictures/tiles you want to use and if a child has targeted certain pictures you can by pass those tiles on their next session.  You can also choose the amount of items you want them to work on. If 8 is overwhelming or too difficult for some children you can customize to only use 2 or 4 tiles. For older students you can start at 8 tiles, because 2 may be too simple.

The only thing I don't like about this app is it doesn't take data.



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