Monday, 18 May 2015

Social skills

I don't work on social skills often but I found this cool game and thought I would share it!
I know that social skills are really important for some of our kids & some who have developmental disabilities.
It targets OT (gross motor skills) and social skills. There are colored bean bags and colored bowls with faces (& emotions). Each face represents a different emotion- scared, happy, sad, angry, surprised, & embarrassed.

The way I've played it is to have the kids toss a bean bag and then whatever color they get it in they tell me a time when they've felt that way. Then we extend it by taking about what we can do when we're feeling that way & what's ok and what's not. For example it's ok to be angry but we can't hit people or call them names.

Another idea to extend this game is what to do if we see a friend acting or feeling a certain way. How can we help? Great little way to build understanding and compassion!
You can also get situation cards and then talk about the emotion associated with it. I've searched TPT and found some- take a look! ( I haven't tried these so let me know what you find & give me feedback on how it worked!)



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