Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Favorite Things!

Speech Time Fun has started a linky party and the first topic is Early Intervention toys that promote language in a natural way.
I love linky parties and I am so excited to show my favorite toys!

1. Mr. Potato Head- great for following directions, attributes and more!

2.Books- easy and accessible! Books are a great way to promote conversation and some books can accompany activities!

3. Vehicles-not just great for boys, little vehicles can be a great toy to promote vocabulary, following directions and attributes.

4. Arts and Crafts- kids love arts and crafts! They love to cut. color, glue, and paint. You can use it as an extension of a favorite book or even T.V show. Again, flowing directions and  socials skills, the skies the limit to possibilities!

5. Doll House and People- love this one for vocabulary, categorization, verbs, pronouns,  and possessives! Tones of ideas for grammar!!

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