Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Feed The Elephant

In speech sometimes you need to be inventive so things don't get boring… So I came up with this idea for articulation. Feed the elephant articulation game is a cute little game that you can use with anyone but is probably more suitable for preschoolers. 

How to play- The child chooses their artic. card, says it and then puts it inside the elephant. Another idea is you can put all the cards inside the elephant and have that use child use a card and say the word, phrase or sentence. In this picture I'm using l blends cards from artic. chipper chat game but you can use any cards that you want. 

Another variation, that is great for preschool aged children, is to put items in elephant that begin with your target sound and have your preschooler choose an item and then practice their goal. 
It's easy to find cute little items from the dollar store that are cute & inexpensive.

Even more ideas!!
Vocabulary- you can also use these items to help kids build vocabulary by having them label the item and its attributes, function and where you find the item...etc.

Phonemic awareness- for older kids you can have the child choose the item and identify the beginning sound or phonemes.

If you can't find this cute little elephant use any teddy bear and with a little sewing skill you can transform it into having a pouch or opening!

Let me know your ideas, I'd love to hear them!



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