Monday, 27 April 2015

Really Good Stuff

Have you heard of Really Good Stuff??

It's an online store that has products that are geared to teachers and classrooms. I love it and I've got some really cool, useful items for speech therapy. I've also used some of it in classrooms and small group activities. 

I am playing it here with my guinea pig (my daughter)- Lainy! Thanks, Lainy! 

This is a cute, fun game I use with my early language learners. It is a vocabulary sort game. The child chooses a card from the box and then sorts it into the according box. You can have them label the attributes, compare and contrast the items, and name other items from each group. There are so many uses for this game! If you are working with older students you can have them identify the beginning sound- really anything you can think of!


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