Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Speech Class

Creating communicators provide speech and language support to first nation schools in Alberta. At one of my schools, the teacher's aide, Michelle, has taken it upon herself to decorate her room. She has also come up with new ideas for speech therapy. Recently she told me about playing I spy outside in the playground, drawing pictures and talking about them, and other fun games in the library. I am so impressed and proud of what a great job she's doing at that school. She has taken it upon herself to come up with new, innovative ideas for speech therapy ensuring the students don't get bored.

 Michelle has been a very dedicated to play and I'm very grateful to have an aide at that school who works hard and tries her best. 

Thank you very much Michelle, you're doing an awesome job!
What ideas do you have to keep therapy interesting?
Cheers, Mindy


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