Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Instant Learning Center

Phonological Awareness

Instant Learning Center

I purchased the Sound Sort- instant learning center from Lakeshore Learning. This is a great product for speech therapy, and younger grade teachers. It is a really simple useful activity great for beginning readers.

Each child gets a different colored mat which corresponds to represent a different sound. They have a pouch of cards with words that either start or end with their sound. They pull card from their pouch and put it on their mat. Then they place the chipper chat either before the picture or at the end depending on where their sound is on the picture card. Then they have added an extra step to really strengthen the skill: the students have to

This activity is really cool! I love it because it is already to go, no work! I also love it because it can be used as an individual center or you can make modifications and use at as group or for the entire class. I do many in-class activities and I can't wait to try this one out!

My guinea pig who loves to try all of my activities! :)

What Lakeshore learning or Phonological awareness activities do you like/use?


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