Friday, 27 March 2015

iHelp Comprehension App Review

App Review
This app is used for following directions and comprehension!

The comprehension 1 gives directions that incorporate shapes, and on/off. It is a free app but you can purchase all of the sets for $2.99 in each of the Comprehension 1 & 2. 

This app gives you a very short progress report that gives you a percentage of how many on and how many off were correct.

The think that I don't like about this app is the variances in level of concepts. On and off are much easier than shapes. Some of my kids are so little that they don't know all of their shapes but do know on and off. And with Comprehension 2 they children know how to place things in a square but don't know right and left, and aren't developmentally ready to know it. I wish they used concepts that are paired in age of acquisition.
In conclusion-I would use this free app but I don't think it will work for every child in every situation.


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