Friday, 13 March 2015

Basic concepts skills screener

Apps, apps and more apps! I love my ipad for therapy because it makes my bag so much lighter! Plus the kids love to use it too!  But did you know that it can also be used for testing....?
Recently I purchased the Basic Concepts Skills Screener app and I was very happy with it. It tested many of the common concepts receptively that my kiddos need to be tested. The test includes 4 concept types- comparative, quantitative, spatial, and temporal. BCSS offers 2 versions, the full screen with 79 items or a quick screening with 30 items!

It has really clear, simple pictures! The student touches the correct picture after the audio prompt. For each answer the student receives auditory and visual feedback regardless if they chose the correct answer or not. You can also write information in the notes area that will go in the final report. Another thing I like is if the child changes their mind, the last picture they touch before you select the next button is the answer that is "counted". Great for quick answers or if the child changes their answer. 

 The information or report part of the screen is simple yet very inclusive. It has all of the pertinent information and it is all displayed in clear simple way. 

This app provides a report which includes a summary of the child's performance. In the report it includes which concepts were correct, which were wrong and which were not tested. Also included is the raw score, and the concepts that are emerging. It includes a 20 page manual, and video tutorial. You can then send the report it via email, and open it in TRC or in iBooks. 
This makes report writing and progress monitoring for SLP's a lot easier! This app is great and it only costs $28.99 which compared to some other testing materials is super cheap! 
This app is a Smarty Ears app by Darlene Nething, MS, CCC-SLP and Mary Huston, MS, CCC-SLP.
I would love to hear your feedback on this app and if you have any great testing apps that you use.



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