Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hey everyone 

I was out and about a while ago (ok last summer!) and found this for free! At our landfill we have a little shed called the "take it or leave it." People put items they no longer want but think others may find useful. Another name is the never-ending garage sale.  While I was putting some items in I found this! I thought that is too good to pass up, but I wondered how can I use it in speech therapy!? 

This is what I found! I don't know what you call them but I sure lucked out when I found it!!!

You can have the kids toss a ball or bean bag and then say their target word/sound as many times as the number they got! This just makes it a little more fun for the kids because articulation can get a little monotonous! :)

You can have the kids toss the ball and then describe the animal closest to where their ball landed. You can get the kids to include information like  does it fly or walk? does it have fur or feathers or scales? does it have 4 legs or 2? etc.

With preschoolers you can basically start anywhere- animals, turn taking, color of the balls, did it land at the top or the bottom, what animal did it land close to? You can also use it for reinforcement.  I am also looking for you to give me some more ideas. Please comment below! 

You can also tell me some free things you've found and how you've used them!



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