Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mr. Potato Head

 Mr. Potato Head

I think we have all seen, used or had Mr. Potato Heads. They are a great toy and kids love to dress them up again and again. Potato heads are a good investment because they have many parts, they are easy to find (you can find them anywhere you find toys) and they are reasonably priced. This got me thinking,  how we can use them in therapy?

First you can use them to teach concepts like first, next, last, before, after, in front and behind. Easy peasy!! :)

Following Directions
You can get the kids to follow your directions. For example: give the big potato head a set of eyes and then a set of arms... During therapy, you can take turns having the student giving directions to you and you to them. There is the flexibility to adjust the directions to your students skills by adding, or simplifying directions. 

You can also have the students sort the pieces into colors, accessories and body parts.

Learning Language
For small children you can use them with your language delayed clients. While they are playing, you can label and repeat the attributes of each piece. The kids will be learning and not even know it. :)

Reinforcement- as always you can use them as reinforcement after you student has practiced all of their goals.


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