Friday, 12 December 2014

Freebie Therapy for Christmas!

Hey Everyone

I have been finding some really cool free items and I wanted to pass them along to you. December is here and we all need to be out shopping, celebrating and spending time with our loved ones, not planning for therapy! So off we go!!! :)

Here are a few items that I like and have found useful!

First of all check out my latest artic. freebie and keep  an eye out for the entire package!

This cookie go together puzzle is great for vocabulary and associations. You can have the kids match the cookies up and explain why the pictures are associated. Thank you Communication Window

 2. Descriptive Language Holiday Freebie- This is another good one for vocabulary. The kids can describe the I like this activity because you can use it in therapy or send it for homework and get the parents involved with little instruction to parents! Thanks, The Speech Space
Descriptive Language Holiday Freebie

3. Free Christmas Following Directions- This activity makes sense because you can print it, laminate it, and use it over and over. Plus the kids love being in control and using their own marker to follow your direction. You also choose the target that each child needs to work on so it can be useful for anyone targeting following directions or concepts! Great job, The Word Shop

4. Christmas Homophones and Multiple Meanings Freebie- This activity is a good one for the older kids! You can use it to teach the difference between MMW and Homophones and it is easy to use.Thank you, The Peech Teacher!

Christmas Homophones and Multiple Meanings: FREEBIE 

5. Free Winter Sequencing Cut and  Glue Worksheets- Free 3 and 4 step sequencing sheets that are great for Christmas! Another great freebie from the Communication Window

FREE Winter Sequencing Cut and Glue Worksheets 

6.  Christmas Word Vocabulary and Idiom Pack- I love idioms in this pack for older kids! It is short but if you are looking for Christmas Freebies-it's a great way to start.  Thank you Practically Speaking Blog!
 Christmas Word Vocabulary and Idiom packet! 

7. Christmas Listening for Details- This pack is great for listening and answering "wh" questions. Thank you Taylor Rodgers!

Christmas Listening for Details!

Let me know what you think of the freebies I've posted and what some of you favorite freebies are!



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