Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Animal Train


by The Speechstress


I recently started using this Animal Train Activity to target following directions and spatial directions. It also works well for targeting before, after, first, second and third.
The kids love the bright, cute graphics and how they are able to place the animals where they need to. For expressive, I would move an animal and then get the child to describe where I put it.
I have used this activity one on one but also as small group activity where the children took turns. In some of the schools I work at I used it as a center and had the entire class participate- 3 or 4 at a time. The teachers love it when I come into class  (well that's what they tell me! lol). I take the pressure off of them for a few minutes, give them ideas and resources and I usually target concepts that they don't work on.

The directions are so cute and have the answers so if the student answers incorrectly you can show them where the animal "should" be.
This activity targets comprehension of spatial terms, such as: front, back, beginning, end, between, ahead, behind, next to, far, close, upside down, etc.  But you can be creative-like I said i have used it for first, second, last, before, after, etc. It is very reasonably prices at 1.99 - but it's on sale during the Super Cyber Sale!
Check it out!

Let me know what you use for following directions and concepts.



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