Thursday, 9 October 2014

Preschool Online Resources

Preschoolers and Language!

I have been working with the preschool population for about 10+ years and I am always looking for inexpensive and fun ways to get the little kiddies talking and interacting. I love using books and songs to encourage language. Preschoolers can be a fun bunch to work with. I love their honestly, humor, and pizazz for life! Nothing is ever dull with these little guys! They make me laugh almost daily. Today a kid told me that I looked like I have a big belly (I am 7 months pregnant) and another asked me if I was freaking him out! LOL! Always a good time!

In the speech world, you know as well as I do, that we need cheap and accessible resources!   I have found so many useful, cute and free on line resources so I thought I would share some of my finds with you!

1. KIZCLUB- this is a great free website because they have printables (b & w and color) that you can use on felt boards or with Velcro. There are also coloring pages you can use to go with your activity. Their printables include many popular books, songs, nursery rhymes, and much more. 

2. Making Learning Fun- this is another great free website because they have resources listed by activities and by books. Again you can use these printables on  felt boards  or give the kids coloring pages or other activities. This site has many activities that can be used to extend books, songs, nursery rhymes, and themes.

3.Perkilou Products- this site has free and paid materials available that are more speech therapy related.  There are free books to print off, barrier games, and homework for speech therapy. There are many cute little ideas on here! I love the Haunted House book that would be great for Halloween!
4. Sparklebox - this one has A LOT of resources! It has many items for books, activities for language and literacy. I particularly loved some of their phonological awareness activities! Some of their phonics books can be used for articulation and they have posters that can be used as a visual with kids for some of the sounds. They also have free communication and language materials too! This is another freebie site!


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