Friday, 19 September 2014

Cheap and Easy Therapy Ideas!

I love cheap and easy to use items that can be used in speech therapy. With a little imagination, you can use almost anything in therapy or for reinforcement. Here is a list of some things that I have used that are not only low priced but they are easy to find!


1. Stamps- Most kids love stamps! All you have to do is get them to practice their target a few times and then they can stamp something.  And, voila! Kids happy and you have had them work on what you need, everyone is happy. These are Melissa & Doug Stamps I found but you can find some at the $ Store. (Sorry the pic is at upside down! LOL)
On TPT and TN there are free printables to stamp or just search the net. Kids also love bingo dabbers which can be found at $ stores.

2. Paints- you can use/make arts and crafts which are good for following directions and other language goals. On TPT and Teachers Notebook there are many free printables that you can use. I find the kids like paint just a bit better than markers! Must be the mess! lol
I bought these paints at the $ store too! 

3. Playhouse and People- This is a house that I use with my preschoolers to encourage and promote language development. They love this house and just can't get enough of it! There are so many things you can work on: pronouns, general vocabulary, concepts, and verbs, etc. It can really be used for anything you can think of! All you need is some  imagination and creativity, and off you go!! I realize this isn't cheap but you can get many used toys for some really good prices if you look around. In Canada we buy used items on Kijiji but you can also go to garage sales or get some friends to keep their eyes and ears open! Maybe you'll luck out and get some free toys!

4. Books-  these are a great idea for articulation (auditory bombardment), general language enrichment and phonological awareness. I have also used books for reinforcement- after the child has completed an activity they choose a book and read I it to them. Also, many books have free ideas, crafts and activities that can used in therapy and turned into activities. I love Kizclub! Kizclub is a great website with color and black and white printables for coloring or felt board activities. If you haven't heard of this website go check it out. 
You can buy books at used book stores, second hand on line, garage sales and sometimes people give them away for free!

5. Cars and trucks- I love using these (usually with boys) vehicles for vocabulary, concepts, and general language strategies.  When the kids are playing they are learning and they don't know it! They are engaged because they are interested in the activity and that is just one reason why toys work!
Cars can be bought at $ stores, and are reasonably priced at Wal-Mart or any other your favorite toy stores! You can also get them used, at garage sales or from friends trying to get rid of too many toys!

I would love it if you commented below on some of you favorite cheap and easy ideas for speech therapy!



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