Friday, 2 May 2014

What's in your cart? Linky

Welcome to my What's in your cart? Linky!
I am linking up with Speech Room News to promote the big sale on TPT!


Here are some items from my store!
This first one is FREE!

Freebie May Langauge Calendar

It is everything you need to teach verbs in all tenses.
It includes receptive activities, printing practice, posters, coloring pages and more! 

Everything you need for Verbs 

 It contains: • Initial /k/ artic. cards
• Printing practice for initial k cards
• Following directions
• concepts
• Pronoun practice
• Plurals
• A home reader
• Sequencing practice
• Comprehension activity
• Coloring pages
 Speech at the Beach

And here is what is in my cart!

Back to School Packet for Speech and Language Therapy 
I know it is a little early to think about this, but I thought it looked really cool.It contains barrier games, activities for receptive langaue, sequencing, what doesnt belong and more! 

SENSATIONAL SOUNDS Worksheets * Beginning, Middle, Ending  
2.Sensational Sounds Worksheets! This package targets initial, medial and ending sounds. Reading seems to be a large area of need (in my area) so I can always use these! Thank you Class of Kinders

 Bubble Gum Articulation: S- Blends 

3. Bubble Gum Articulation targets s blends! I have a child  who just needs a bit more practice on s blends! So I am going to get this for her- for some extra practice. You can never have enough /s/ blends, can you?

Picnic Artic 

4. Picnic Artic.- this  artic. pack contains - /s/ sound,  /r/ (prevocalic, vocalic, blends), /l/ sound, 2 blank templates to create your own. It targets the sentence level-again you can never have enough artic stuff, especially at the sentence level! Thank you Bright Ideas SLP!

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