Friday, 23 May 2014

New games!

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone!
I bought a few new games that I wanted to tell you about.

GUESS WHO? This is a new version to an old game! This new version  doesn't target people (great for pronouns) but it uses categories. There are 4 categories- animals, fish, vehicles, and food. This is a fun new way to work on vocabulary,  attributes and questions. I played it with my kindergarteners and grade 1 & 2's.  It is a little difficult for the younger students to I do a lot of prompting and helping but it is a wonderful way to tackle goals. The kids really liked it! If you like it click on the picture to purchase it online!

Don't Rock The Boat This is another fun game that I used for reinforcement. The kids had to say 10 words/cards in order to get the penguin.  It is a little tricky to keep the boat balanced but it is a great one for fine motor skills!

The thing I really like about these games is you can use them over and over and they are reasonably priced at under $16!!! Now that is a great deal!!

Hope you enjoyed my new games!


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