Monday, 19 May 2014

My Favourite Therapy Resources

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I like organized lists,  and getting ideas on what other people are using for therapy and in their classrooms.  So, I thought why don't I give you one of my lists. I  put together a little list of my fave therapy resources and items I use all the time and really find useful. I am sharing it so you can take a look- feel free to take a look and post your faves too!

Feed the Caterpillar Basic Concepts!

I love this activity by Mia McDaniel because you can use it to teach concepts but you can also use it as an activity with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar! And it is "self" reinforcing, the kids can feed the concepts to the caterpillar when they get them right. 

2. Following Directions- Button Bonanza
This activity by Teach Speech 365 is great for following directions and concepts. Many times I've purchased activities for following directions but they were too easy for my older students, not this one! It works great with students in grade 3 (or so) and is still challenging, plus it also targets really useful concepts.
3. Reading & phonemic skills-Phonemic Awareness Activity Package
This activity pack byJulie Van Alst is awesome!!! It works on phonemic skills in order sequentially based  on hierarchy. It is great for kindergarten and grade 1. This pack is an awesome idea for centers in the classroom.

4.Vocabulary & Categorization- 
The Vocabulary and Categorization Mat Centers- these next 2 are my activities!  The first is a center that the kids can sort items into each group. As they are doing this, you can label items, attributes and their functions. This is a very good center for younger children.
The next  activity: Vocabulary- Associations, What Doesn't belong and Categorization targets associations.  The children can choose 2 of 3 items and then explain why they go together. There are a few more activities in this pack -choose the item that doesn't belong and some more sorting items into groups which makes it good bang for your buck!

I love these artic. cards by Jenna Rayburn. I love the pics and they have some really useful words/cards plus the picture is below the word which makes it easy at the spontaneous level(s).

I hope you like my list and leave me a post below of some of your favorite resources!!!



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