Thursday, 10 April 2014

What Goes Together?

I just recently purchased a neat item from Lakeshore Learning. I totally love it!
It's called the Early Language Concept Kit- What Goes Together?

What Goes Together? Concept Kit
I love it because its something different and new (so do the kids)! I also used it to tackle more than just the vocabulary goal.

Here are some ideas I have of how to use it!

Phonological Awareness- have the kids choose an item out of the bag and then tell  the beginning and ending sounds and then have them segment the word into all of its sounds. b-a-t.

Phonemic Awareness
* You have them come up with a word that rhymes with the item
* have the kids clap out the syllables of the word. 

*Verb tenses. I would use an action word and have them come up with the present, past and future tense. For example I would say z mouse eats cheese. 
Now he is......, yesterday he....tomorrow he......?

*Formulating sentences- choose an item out of the bag and have the child use that word in a sentence.

 *Wh Questions- have the child choose an item from the bag and you ask a question. Where does it live, where do you find it, what do you do with it...etc.

*Plurals- have them choose an item and then name the plural of that item. 1 mouse or 2 mice. 

*vocabulary- find a few "like" items and have the child name the category or attributes of the category.  For example the car and the train are both vehicles/transportation or the flippers and the fish are both things that go in water.

*Associations- and finally the intention it was used for. I have the kids match up the items and then have them explain why they go together. A mouse and cheese go together because mice eat cheese.

Do you have any ideas on how I could use this? Comment below.

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