Friday, 4 April 2014

My favourite games!!

I love games!  Picking a few fun games can make the sessions more fun and entertaining. I will choose a game for the day and after my "kid" has worked on their goals we will have a quick game. The great thing about games is you can use them with any kid for any goal. 

The first of my fave games is Pizza Pile Up. This is a cool balancing game. To play, you roll the die then which ever piece of food you get you put it on the pizza without tipping the pizza.  There are pictures of cheese, mushroom, pepperoni, or tomato on the die, and a chef (your choice) or all 4 of the pieces at one time. For therapy you can let them have a turn after they have said 5 words/phrases that target their sound or language goal. You can turn this goal into its own language activity by having the child target
Pronouns- he has cheese
Possessives- the cheese is his
Is verbing- he is lifting/carrying/holding cheese.

My other favorite, trusty,  game is Alfredo Food Fight!
To play, you take a meatball put it on the fork catapult and fling it to the cooks board which is made of Velcro. The meatball has string spaghetti attached so it will stick to the chefs board. Basically the same idea, the kids can have a turn after they have practiced their goal. Again, you can use it for any speech or language goal. 


  1. Thanks for posting about Pizza Pile up. It looks amazing for getting my students to do some requesting. We just read Curious George goes to a Pizza Party sequenced the steps of making a pizza. I was looking for an extension activity. Thank you again….