Thursday, 17 April 2014

Monster Trucks

Hey everyone
I noticed I didn't have many "boyish" products so I purchased some cute monster truck clip art and thought what can I make that I need. A lot of my kids need to work on beginning and ending sounds, and diagraphs sh, th, and ch.

Here is the activity- monster truck sort. The kids choose a card and then  decide if the sound is at the  beginning  of the word or at the end. There are 3 different vehicles and each represents a different sound, you put the card on the corresponding vehicle. Depending on where the sound is in the word depends on where you put the card on the car- beginning or end.  You can also use these cards for articulation practice.

These are pictures of one of the kids working on it. We were working on artic. practice and he is at the sentence level. He was using the sentence- the "sh word" is in the monster truck. He did really well, and loved the trucks!

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Happy Easter weekend!


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