Friday, 25 April 2014

Love it & List It Behaviour Management

Love it and List it!

Time for another Love it & List it hosted by Jenna at The Speech Room News.
This month.....

Behavior Management

The part we all love, right! NOT! Just kidding. If you're therapy kids are anything like mine then you don't really have many problems but every now and then.... the you know what really hits the fan.
I am pretty lucky, like I said, most of the kids like participating in speech, love coming, and love to do the work.  But there are those times when you have to "lay the law down", so to speak. Now keep in mind- in our area children with severe needs have their own aide so we don't provide speech therapy to them, their aide does it. I know we do have it a bit easier in that regard. But this is what I do...

1. My iPad - even when we do speech related games they love using it. I tell them "OK lets do this work then we can have a game on the iPad"- sometimes I pick the game- sometimes I let them. Even if the game is Angry Birds for a few minutes. I use this for behavior because if they don't want to follow the rules then they are not able to have iPad time. This works almost 99% of the time for me- even if the game is them working on their aritc. goals on the iPad. I have occasionally heard, I just want to play the iPad, and my response is "you don't get paid before you do the work!" lol! This has always worked for me.

2. My Treat Bucket- If I don't have the iPad I tell the kids "we are going to do these activities and if you have tried really hard then I will let you pick anything you want from the treat bucket." If they don't participate, or act goofy I will give them one warning and then I tell them no treat.  I am always very clear, you were doing this  or not doing that, and you've lost the privilege of choosing something from the treat bucket. They may not like it but boy do they remember. I have heard before "if I don't do the work I can't get something from the bucket, right Mindy?!" Yip, you said it! :) It is a little bit difficult sticking to your guns on this one, but you only have to do it one time and they never forget.

3. Empower the kids- Let them be in control- as much as possible. I don't like to dictate everything, I really want the kids to feel in control and have them practice making decisions. I am not big on the control thing (I hope!!!) I think I am pretty easy going during the sessions. The kids can sit on the chair, or stand, their choice.  When the session starts I  put the activities on the table and let them choose which one we do and in which order. I let them choose if they want to play a game at the end or get a treat from the bucket. When an opportunity arises for a decision to be made and it can be made by the kid(s), I always take advantage and let them choose even when I am in control of the choices. This really helps my sessions to run more smoothly. They buy into the activities because they have had some input and say into what was happening and in what order it happens.
Don't forget- I also take Sensory needs into consideration. When kids are misbehaving there may be a reason that you are not aware of. Some of the kids have a hard time focusing, and staying still. When they keep getting up and moving around remember it may have  nothing to do with you or the session, it might be them.  I like to have little fidget toys ready in case they need them.  This is why I allow them to sit, or stand,  let them move around (when it is possible) and change activities. 

My kids playing games 
doing some "speech therapy"

These are my kids trying out some of my speech resources. 
I buy stuff and try it out on them! :)

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  1. Good idea to remind us all about sensory needs! I tend to do a LOT of jumping and hopping on the way to the speech room :) Thanks for linking up!

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