Monday, 14 April 2014

Going with the flow......

Rolling with the punches!!

There I am all ready to go... I've got my activities and games all planned then wouldn't you know one of the kids throws a wrench in my plans. The first kid I go to get says I want to show you my ponies. And, being the flexible person I am, I say "sure go grab them."

Now here I am with a kid who has severe expressive language delay and doesn't want to play any of my games. So what did I do? Let me tell you.

* First of all she loves the ponies so she wants to talk about them- yay buy in!
* Next of all I get her to line them up and she tells me about them-their names, their picture, who is friends and why...awesome, she's talking.... A LOT!
* Then I get her to start sorting them- by colors, likes, dislikes, families,  and friends (because I don't have a clue about these ponies).
* Then I line them up and get her to tell me who is first, last, next, second...etc!
And there we go a quick little activity that targeted her goals in a way she liked and was very functional for her. 
This girl gave a little reminder- I need to be flexible and not always in "control." She got just as much, if not more, out of her activity than out of mine. 
Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches!!!

BTW- after we finished I did get her to do one of "my" activities which she was happy to do.



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