Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Awesome Parenting Resources

When it comes to parenting I need all the help I can get! I have an 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl. Boy, is it tough! I juggle work, kids, homework, parenting, my spouse, housework, etc. Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed, and I wonder am I missing the boat on any of  this? I am always interested about learning more on parenting, behavior, recipes, development, and more! It occurred to me that it is impossible to know everything there is too know about kids, family, parenting, speech and language skills, behavior and everything else that goes along with the hardest job on the planet! So I thought why don't I put out a few online resources that are available for parents!

 Here are some pics of my peeps!

Here is my list of useful information- parent's style!

1. Healthy Parents, Healthy Children- The Early Years- This is an online book submitted from Alberta Health Services. It includes everything from feeding, health, brain development, and even how to choose the right child care provider from birth to age 5. I really like this resource. It is printable and you can use some of the printable exercises to discuss different topics with your spouse or do on your own.

2. Talk Box- This is also an online resource for parent to check and see what skills their child should have in regards to speech and language skills. There is also information on how to use specific toys to increase language, monthly activities and Good times with games (how to use games to increase language for older children).  You can look up your child's age and see specifically what skills your child should have! Easy and useful for all parents- especially if you are wondering if your child achieving their developmental milestones.

3. Kids Health- this is another resources that covers everything from speech, language to recipes, growth and development. There is a section for parents, kids and teens. Everything you need to know about kids.

Do you have any online resources that you always refer to or refer parents to? Tell me what it is in the comments section below.


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