Thursday, 6 March 2014

Treat Bucket

Hey everyone
Creating Communicators: Treat Bucket

I love tangible reinforcements, and the kids do too! My favourite reinforcerment for my kids is my treat bucket. For me, it is a quick and easy alternative to games.  Normally, I bring one of three things with me to my sessions: a game, a treat bucket, or I allow them to use my iPad. Sometimes playing a game can be time consuming, so instead I'll let the kids pick a treat instead. When the little guys arrive and they know that they can get 1 of the three fun things, the children tend to work harder, and the session goes more smoothly. The bucket is really easy to fill too; I just go to the dollar store for all of my goodies. I love ring pops, pencils, erasers, gum, stickers, little toys (cars), and bracelets, almost anything!  The kids think that my treat bucket is awesome and for $20 I can get a lot of stuff for it!!!
Creating Communicators: Treat Bucket

Tell me what kind of reinforcements you like to use.



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