Sunday, 2 March 2014

Odd one out

Odd one out!

I found this cool book that is called Dot Language- it goes through the vocabulary goal in detail and I find it really useful! The sheet shown is called odd one out- there are 4 items and the child colors/dabs the circle below the item that doesn't belong. They can then explain why it doesn't belong. This sheet is particularly useful because it doesn't just use your general, obvious categories. I love the example that used instruments: 3 were instruments you blow and 1 was one that you strum. Great idea, original!!!

This book also includes what goes together, odd one out, classifying and categorizing, functions and more. It is so simple to use all you need are bingo dabbers or if you don't have any you can use markers. They are great for kids who need some extra practice or you can send them home as home work.

You can find the book here!

Hope you found this useful!



  1. There is also a Dot Artic book that is great for all articulation sounds!

  2. I have that book as well, great resource!!!