Saturday, 8 February 2014

"S....Peachy Feedback Linky"

Hey Readers!
First off- Nicole Alison, I love you! Your cute little maternity stories and your sweet demeanor not to mention your awesome speech ideas and resources! All I can say is thank you! I hope you get to enjoy your maternity time with  your baby!! Wishing you all the best with the entire experience!
P.S. I love your yellow mouse pad with your name on it! SO cute!!

Back to the feedback.....


Just today I received some feedback from Free February Activity Calendar- Tammiegrismer said 
"I just love sending home things like this for "homework". As our caseloads grow throughout the year I have less and less time to get to the copy machine to make several different sheets for students. This can be used for speech and language objectives. Thanks for the gift!"

Miss TammieG you are so welcome! Thank you for the feedback and you were very clear about why you liked it and how it helps you! Miss TammieG email me at and I will send you something from my store. Thanks for taking the time!

Free February Activity Calendar

Happy February everyone!


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