Monday, 17 February 2014

S....peachy Feedback Linky Party!

Speachy Feedback Linky

I Know I just did a post on s..peachy feedback linky but it is that time again, so why not?!

I've joined up with Nicole at Speech Peeps to give one of my TPT customers a free product for giving me insightful feedback!  

 This month's winner is TPT user tammiegrismer, again!
She left this feedback on my Road Trip Bundle: (it is free this long weekend so get it while it lasts.)

There are SO many language skills targeted in this set of activities. I love the inferencing opportunity in "Choose the Correct Item". My students this year love coloring so we will all enjoy the color sheets (I may turn some into "Roll and Cover" sheets by writing numbers on them.) I appreciate that some of these activities will make great homework sheets. Thanks for the amazing gift!
 Road Trip Bundle


Thanks for the feedback Tammie- I know you won my feedback linky last time but you will get another. I will email you today!

Thanks again TammieG!

Cheers, Mindy