Saturday, 22 February 2014

March is on its way....

Hey Everyone!

March is on its way.... Yahoo! To me, that only means one thing, spring!
 I am so excited!
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Have you ever wondered what parents are doing at home to increase the language skills of their children? I do. I know that before I was in the speech world I had no clue what to do to get language going or what to do to promote children's language skills. I see many kids who are unaware or unclear of speech and language is and h ow they can help at home. I decided to help parents out by giving them easy, free, quick activities.  I send this calendar home with my speech "kids" every month. These free calendars are also an easy alternative to speech homework. Especially for the kids who never seem to get their homework completed. When I  made the calendars i wanted them to be used by parents to target many language goals, easily, all month long. The calendars target skills all children need to have! They only take a few minutes a day- some of the activities can even be do in the car for those of us who are really pressed for time!
Download it here and here!

I also want to put  a little shout out to all of you educators, teachers, daycare workers, speech aides, and SLP’s- Thank you for doing what you do and caring about our children! You are all wonderful!!

Take care!


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