Saturday, 15 February 2014

Freebie Saturday! Road Trip Time.....

Hey Everybody!

Happy Saturday!
This is my gang playing Foosball!

In Canada, specifically Alberta, we celebrate Family Day this month by having a holiday and a long weekend. The third Monday of February is a holiday for Albertan’s! And it is paid too! Got to love that! 

To celebrate Family Day weekend I am posting a product on here, only here, for free. I will post it in my shop and store next week but it won’t be free.
I hope you enjoy it, and play a little of it with your kids. I hope you and your family have fun talking, laughing and coloring! Talk about how you would like to spend your summer vacation. It’s never too early to think about vacation time!
Hug your family!!!!
 Here is a picture of my children getting ready to go in a family friends indoor pool!

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