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Speech Therapy and Technology!

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I wanted to give you all some tips to save time and make life easier so I looked into some "tech" things to lessen your load (at work at least!) Now keep in mind I am not a tech guru. I have a hard enough time with my blog, Facebook page and creating materials! I want to know how everyone does it!? lol But I do love things that make my job a little easier so I went looking for some information on "tech stuff" and apps that are all in one place to help you out.

First of all here is a little blurb from ASHA on their list of advantages of using mobile devices and Apps.

Here is what I came up with:

For Childcare Providers:

Healthy Beginnings- this is a great website. You just click on the age of the children you are working with and it will tell you ideas to get language going and activities to go with them! Yes, that's right- activity planner, downloads, and developmental charts.  This site is so cool and foolproof!

 For SLPs and Assistants

  • SpeechPathologyApps has a great list of apps for SLP's, parents, reading, early intervention and more. Check out their site.
  • Pocket SLP has some really great apps! I personally love and use Category Carousel and One Step Two Step. Go give it a look and I am sure some of their apps will save you time.
  • The Speech Techie has a nice list of apps and other information on interactive technologies you can use for language.
  • icommunicate has some info on how to use iPad Air and tablets to promote communication and education.
  • Smarty Ears has some really good apps. I like preposition remix- I use it  a lot to teach concepts and following directions. 
  • The Virtual Speech Center has some great apps! I have used Magical Concepts and Expedition with Plurals. I liked them both! Expedition with Plurals was really great at targeting the goals both receptively and expressively.
  • Pinterest has so much on it- here are some great boards you can take a look at SLP Apps, and
  • Speech Therapy Apps just to name a few.

I hope this lightens your load for 2014!


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