Sunday, 1 December 2013

What's In Your Cart- Linky Party!

 Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, and Creating Communicators  is participating in the big Teachers pay Teachers sale and a sale on Teachers Notebook on Dec 2-3! All of the  products in my store are 20% off, and if you use the code CYBER at checkout, you'll get an additional discount!
 Jenna  at Speech Room News started a linky
so you can take a look at what other speechies are buying for some great ideas. 

  1. First here are a few items from my store-this first one is free!

2. Another great package is 3 Little Pigs  from my Shop which is which is a great package with so many language activities also included is the book. This package targets:
 associations/what doesn't belong
following directions with mats
and visuals for story retell and comprehension

3. Where is Rudolph?   From More Than Words for $8.50
This is a cool item that targets story telling/retelling
• Phonological Awareness- sound and syllable discrimination, segmentation, manipulation
• Regular Plurals
• Answering Where? and Expressing Prepositions: over/under, behind/in front, between/ beside
• Category: Hot/Cold
• Concepts: same/different, match
• Associations

Where is Rudolph? Christmas Story, Verbs, Prepositions, Ca

4.Speaking and Listening Games- Barrier Game Set 2  From Teaching Trove for $3.50
Barrier games are a great way to target receptive and expressive language for kids! I think this will be 
a great package!

In her words "This set of 4 barrier games promotes speaking and listening as children must give each other specific instructions in order to match their pictures.

Language skills addressed include auditory processing, giving and following directions, requesting clarification and describing with detail. Both receptive and expressive language skills are targeted."

Speaking and Listening Games - Barrier Games set 2 

5. Super Hero Spatial Strategies from All Y'all Need for  $3.50 
I generally have many kids who target concepts so this is something I am looking forward to purchasing.

Superhero Spatial Strategies

from Jenna at Speech Room News for $5.00 36 pages of articulation card games and 216 color pictures. A must have for any speech room!

                                                         There was an Old Lady....  Universal ARTICULATION Companio