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Targeting Speech Over Christmas

I have heard it, and I am sure you have too...Often times parents tell me that they don't have much time to work on speech after a busy day. I get that! I am a parent of 2, I work full time and have a commute time of up to 1 hour one way. Lets face it, we are all busy! And if you say to a parent I have one more thing you need to squeeze in everyday, they may be ready to freak out! I know sometimes I am on the verge of an OVERLOAD! But when the steam stops pouring out of their ears and their face has turned back to its original shade, I have some tips that you can share with the parents you work with, or your own child, to practice some speech- over Christmas break, or anytime.  We all know that the key to attaining speech goals is practise, practise, practise.  

How Can I Make Speech Part of My Day?

Getting Dressed

  •  Have your child say one or more sound/word/sentence for each item of clothing they put on (ex: put on your shirt and say “sun using your good /s/ sound.”)

  • Hide picture cards in clothing items for your child to find as they get dressed (ex: in the sock, under the coat)

Preparing and Eating Meals

  • Keep picture cards on the fridge with magnets to practice with your child as you prepare the meal.

  •  Put picture cards on your child’s plate and have them practice with you as you prepare the meal and serve their meal.

  •  Hide picture cards under items on the table and have them say the name on the card when that item is used (ie: hide a card under the cup, each time your child takes a drink say the name on the card) OR hide cards around the house and have them find the cards using the  word or phrase "I found a ___"

  • Have your child help to think of all the words they can with their sound in them (ex: video, van, vampire, violin)

Driving in the Car

  • Spot your sound in the environment (ex: car that has your sound /k/, library has an /l/)

  • I spy items that start with your child’s sound (ex: I spy with my little eye something that starts with “f”. It’s a fountain”

  •  Make up a silly sound story (ex: This is a story about Gabi.  Gabi is a goose.  Gabi goose loves to go)

  •  Describe one of your child’s words and have them guess which one it is (ex: it’s long and white and you use it to tie things, it’s a string!)
  • Let them use the iPad- there are many apps that target articulation check some of them out and have your child say 25 words while you are driving home, waiting to take their siblings  to dance, in the Dr.'s office, etc. (Webber Photo Artic Castle, Articulation Games & Articulation Station are some of my faves!)


  • point out items that start with your child’s sound (ex: soup starts with “s”, cereal starts with “s”).

  • Rhyme items in your cart with your child’s sound (ex: eggs/beggs, milk/bilk, bread/head

Taking a Bath

  •  Sing a silly sound song or tell a silly sound story (ex: tune of row row row your boat – Show Show Show your ship, show your ship to sheep, shop for shoes and shakes and shawls, show your ship to sheep)
  • Have your child draw pictures of some their articulation words on the side of the tub and then let them repeat the words 4 or 5 times.
  • With erasable crayons or paint, write some of your child's articulation words on the side of the tub and have them clean them off each time they say them correctly.

Getting Ready for Bed

  • Say your cards once before bed

  • While you read your child’s bedtime story focus on words that include your child’s sound(ex: Papa bear said “Someone’s been sitting in my (pause) chair? What word starts with “ch”? Wait...chair.  Yes chair, that has your sound at the beginning of that word.
  • While you are reading a book have your child clap once for each word that has their sound in it- they will then have to repeat the word back to you. (Be Patient- this will take longer).

  •  Paperclip picture cards to the pages of your child’s bedtime story.  As you turn to that page have your child say the name on the card.
check out these links for articulation resources.

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Happy Holidays

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