Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"S..peachy Feedback Linky Party

 "S..peachy Feedback Linky "
I am  linking up to S....peachy feedback Linky Party hosted by Nicole Allison at Speech Peeps, again!I love linking up! WOW! What a way to get the speech info spread around!

Again, thank you for inviting fellow speech stores and blogs to link up!
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On Teachers Notebook I had some feedback on my "What Do You See? The Entire package" This 60 page package can be used as  home readers for beginning readers, and also for teaching vocabulary. Plus its 50% off right now!

This is the item:

Here is the feed back I received:
What do you see- entire package
From: BonBonSpeecher


My Pre-school students LOVE these books. I printed half page copies for small groups and quarter page copies for home practice. The repetitive text increases early reading skills and boosts the little ones' confidence with print awareness. Thanks!!

Teachers Pay Teachers
And feed back on my Christmas Activity book: (it was free for about a week earlier on this month and right now it's only $1.20)

On  November 29, 2013,  Judilee said:

This is so cute and flexible! I'm planning to focus on gingerbread for Tx this year. I will be able to use every activity you've provided. Thank you so much for sharing this gingerbread freebie!

BonBon Speecher and Judilee
email me to claim any item!

Thank you so much!!


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