Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Some of my faves!

Hello fellow Speechies!

 I have many kids who seem to work on associations. I love to work on associations. When you look around there are so many resources to use. Some free, some you need to buy. I am going to post some of the things I like to use. 


1. My board maker book

I have had this so long I can't remember who made it. It is a book with consisting of 3 pictures. 1 on the top and 2 smaller pictures below it. The kids choose one of the small ones to go with the large main picture and then they explain why it goes together. This is my fave- sorry it's upside down. With a little imagination you can make your own. When I get my butt I gear I will make a master and put it in my store. ;) Please, be patient. 


2. This is another activity I like. This is especially good for younger kids to introduce the goal. At this point I usually get the kids to match the items and then I will give a brief explanation as to why the items are associated. This one is free!


I see that this product did receive some negative feedback- in my opinion the feedback was more about ink than the quality of the item. Judge for yourself.


3. Camp Go Togethers 

This is a great activity for older kids because this activity involves reading and it gives clues about why items can be related.


4. Who does not belong? Another great one to have the kiddies choose which item does not belong. I like it, simple, and clear!


5. Last but not least! I love this item even though it is a Halloween/candy theme. It has 3 related items and the kids place them together and the. Explain why they are related- it is great for mastery! Make take teach has some great items!



Post some of your fave's under the comment section.




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