Friday, 20 December 2013

Love it & List It Holiday Activities


I am posting some of my favorite holiday activities and linking up with Speech Room News!
Thank you Jenna!
There are so many activities out there, so my  post
consists mostly of
reinforcement activities. 

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1. Santa Tic Tac Toe
I love this little game, it's so easy and cute. A very quick reinforcement game for the kids after they have practiced working on their target goal. And I bought it at the Dollar store- so it was super cheap!

2. Christmas Token Boards- I love this one not only because it is FREE, but you can use it for any goal! Check out the store for other free token boards.

3. Where is Rudolph? A great one for preschoolers! I bought this package and there are so many activities- concepts, plurals, Christmas match-ups, and more. I highly recommend this product especially if you are working with preschoolers.
Thank you More Than Words- you have some really great products!

This is the categorizing activity- for categorizing hot and cold items.

This is a plurals game and one of the concept activities for teaching under and over. 
You know how the little guys love the dry erase markers!

4. And I am shamelessly promoting my Santa, Santa What Do You See? You can use this with all ages. For the little guys you can use it for vocabulary, repetition and coloring. Plus they love it when you are reading if they think they know the words. For the older kids there a printing practice and write your own story activity. Recently I was working with some little guys at a daycare and I left them a copy so there will be lots of opportunity for repetition and vocabulary- great for the little guys language skills!

Thanks for checking in!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Sounds like a fun week!Merry Christmas! Jenna

  2. Great ideas!