Monday, 4 November 2013

Speech Homework & Practice

How do we keep the kiddo's speech skills progressing.....
Homework and practice!
In order for the kids to carry over their newly acquired speech and language skills they need to practice, practice, practice. Kids can practice in so many ways and in so many areas! They can practice in their classrooms with their teachers giving them reminders throughout the day, with peers and also at home.To help make this easy to happen I have some tips! 


In the class: you can talk to their teachers and give them some information as to what the students are working on. Make them a cheat sheet. Throughout the day they can refer to it and be reminded of what the students are targeting. Then they are able to model correct sounds, and grammar that the kid needs more help with.

  At home: Parents can print off homework sheets for their kiddo to work on at home.
Some great printouts can be found at
Now, as a parent, I see how it can be difficult to find the time to practice speech homework  on top of school homework, dance, scouts, dishes and lunches. If time is a problem (if you are a normal parent, it is!) then focus on their sounds during a certain time frame or amount of time like bath time or supper time. Model and correct any  incorrect productions during that time. Be careful not to over correct- this will be frustrating for you and your kiddo!
Some other ideas are:
  • And when all else fails I found a great blog on alternatives to speech homework! Thank you Budget SLP!
If you look around and put your mind to it there are so many ways to encourage home practice in a quick, easy and inexpensive way. 
Good luck!

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